Dora's World Adventure

Play the Dora's World Adventure game and visit different parts of the world! Can you find all the missing bracelets and celebrate friendship day?

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About Dora's World Adventure Game

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Are you prepared to travel around the globe in the Dora's World Adventure game? Dora and Swiper were celebrating friendship day when all the bracelets went missing! Now, your buddies need your help to bring them all back. Just grab your passport and begin your journey together!

It's time to arrive at your first stop! To find the lost items, you must travel to The Eiffel Tower, The Winter Palace, Mount Kilimanjaro, and The Great Wall of China. How many bracelets can you grab before time is up? If you want to save the day, you must stay moving and remember to act fast!

How to Play

Use your mouse and click on a destination to begin your travels! To explore each location, you must go up and down the pyramid and grab the missing objects. Just tap on the blocks and take Dora from one spot to another. Are you ready to give it a try?

To complete your mission, you must join Dora and Swiper on a journey across the world. Head off to France, Russia, China, or Tanzania and grab the missing bracelets in each location to save friendship day. To do this, you must act fast and watch your back! Enemies such as the weasel or hyena are waiting to steal your loot!

Your task is to go up and down the pyramid, from one block to another. Just remember that you can only travel diagonally! So try to think of a strategy to move efficiently and grab as many items as possible. If you're not careful, you might run into the villains and lose precious time!

What else you should know

The bar at the bottom of the screen will tell you how much time you have left. How many bracelets will you be able to collect before the bar is empty?

If you're aiming for a high score, you can retry each mission as many times as you want! After that, just head off to your next destination and keep collecting the friendship bracelets!

Are you ready to begin your journey around the world? Hurry up, Dora and Swiper are counting on you to save friendship day!