Dora's Mermaid Adventure

Be a friend of the ocean while playing Dora's Mermaid Adventure game! Help Dora hoover garbage and find Mermaid Mariana's Crown at the bottom of the sea!

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About Dora's Mermaid Adventure Game

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Learn about recycling while having fun with Dora's Mermaid Adventure game! As you might know by now, the brave adventurer Dora is a friend of the ocean. Nothing makes her sadder than garbage being dumped on beaches and in the sea! Her friend, Mariana the Mermaid, is also overwhelmed by all the trash in the Mermaid Kingdom. That's why she has called out for your help!

The game consists of two different phases: gathering trash on the beach and at the bottom of the sea. There are cans, tires, bags, and bottles everywhere! Somewhere underneath all the discarded objects, you'll find Mariana's magic crown! Your mission is to clear off as much trash as you can with the vacuum backpack and get a hold of the crown. If you bring it to her, she'll be able to clear off all the garbage from the sea!

How to Play

Cleaning up trash is easier than you think in this game! Whether you're on the beach or in the ocean, Dora will move forward automatically. To move her up, down, forward, and backward, all you have to do is slide your cursor on the screen. Try your best to avoid any obstacles such as rocks, coral, or sea life!

The best part about this game is that you'll get to use a hoover backpack. You just need to click and hold to start this funny gadget! What makes it so easy to use is that you can see the range that it covers. Therefore, it's easy to gather a lot of items at once. However, remember that some objects, such as barrels or tires, are more difficult to hoover than others!

Help out all the animal life you encounter along the way! Sadly, crabs, starfish, dolphins, and even whales get trapped in all the trash. If you use the hoover to remove all the garbage, they'll be very thankful and reward you with a smile. How cute!

At the end of your adventure, you'll find out how good you are when it comes to recycling! There are more than 400 pieces of trash to collect, so gather as many as you can to make Dora and Mariana happy! Nothing puts a smile on their face than a clean beach and a trash-free ocean!