What are the most popular Dora the Explorer Games?

  1. Nick Jr.: Sticker Pictures
  2. Nick Jr.: Coloring Book
  3. La Casa de Dora
  4. Nick Jr. Take Care of Baby
  5. Dora's Cooking in La Cocina
  6. Dora's Carnival Adventure
  7. Super Brawl Showdown!
  8. Nick Jr. Mega Music Game
  9. Casa de Dora: New Adventures
  10. Dora's Puppy Adventure

What are the best Dora the Explorer Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Nick Jr.: Sticker Pictures
  2. Nick Jr.: Coloring Book
  3. La Casa de Dora
  4. Nick Jr. Take Care of Baby
  5. Dora's Cooking in La Cocina

Learn while playing the Dora the Explorer Games!

Develop your skills while having fun adventures in the Dora the Explorer Games! Ever since her first episode in 2000, Dora has become a favorite for kids everywhere. She is a seven-year-old Latin girl who loves adventures and learning about the world around her.

From the first episode, our heroine has taken the world by storm with her educational encounters. Even though the show targets small children, people of all ages have come to enjoy Dora's journeys! Why? They are simple, colorful, charming, and even educational!

What sets apart Dora's adventures is the fact that they're very interactive! Namely, our heroine and her friends will talk to you directly all the time. What is more, Dora and her friends need your help to reach the end of their adventure! As a result, they will often ask you what to do next. 

Besides, you'll also have to solve problems with your adventuring party by counting, spelling out loud, or naming a color. You shouldn't be afraid to speak up. Tell Dora and her pals what you think whenever they ask to make progress in your quest! 

Another great reason to explore this category is to learn more about big subjects! Dora loves visiting many different countries and learning more about plants, animals, sports, and much more. You can join in on her activities if you want to become brighter while having fun.

Even complicated subjects become easy as pie with Dora. For instance, you can learn more about recycling and how to help the land and sea in Dora's Mermaid Adventure game!

Meet a famous seven-year-old adventurer!

Shall we learn more about our hero? Dora Marquez is a seven-year-old with a kind heart and a ton of bravery. She lives with her parents, who are also of Mexican descent. As you can imagine, they have a lot of fun together.

However, Dora has even more fun outdoors while adventuring with her friends! Thanks to her origin, Dora is bilingual. Therefore, she can teach you both English and Spanish. Isn't that cool?

If you want to visit Dora's home and learn more about her family and traditions, then start playing the La Casa de Dora game! You'll surely enjoy the house tour, with Dora as your guide!

What makes Dora so special is her positivity and intelligence. Despite her young age, she knows a lot about the world around her. However, she never flaunts her smarts! On the contrary, she often lets other characters try their hand at challenges, even if she knows a better way to solve the problem. That's such a sweet thing to do!

The brown-haired and brown-eyed protagonist brings cheerfulness everywhere she goes. Her smile, iconic bob haircut, and pastel outfit are very hard to miss! Therefore, it's easy to imagine that everyone wants to be her friend. To meet her pals and join this fun group, just keep reading!

Make new friends on every expedition!

Boots is Dora's dearest friend, named after a red pair of footwear he never takes off. Isn't he such an energetic and adorable monkey? However, unlike Dora, he can sometimes make mistakes during an adventure. Oops! To help him, Dora never leaves his side and uplifts his spirits every time he fails. Moreover, she always holds his hand. How cute!

Have you noticed that Dora never leaves her house without her purple backpack and her map? Just like Boots, they appear in all of Dora's adventures. These objects have a fun personality that adds flavor to Dora's quests. However, you are the one that needs to interact with them. With their help, you can tell Dora where she needs to go and what objects she can use!

What about antagonists? Swiper, a stealthy fox, is Dora's biggest opponent because he often steals objects she needs to complete her quest. Despite his nasty attitude, Dora can find a good side about Swiper and doesn't hate him. If you get to know him, you'll find he's not that bad! Join him and other characters for a ton of fun activities in the Dora's Carnival Adventure game!

Once you start adventuring with Dora, you won't be able to stop! There's always something new and fun to do with her and her pals. Learn about math, spelling, shapes, colors, Spanish, and much more on your adventure! Besides, you can dance, sing, and practice sports with our heroine.

Say goodbye to boredom when you're adventuring with Dora, Boots, Map, Backpack, and other friends!

There are currently 77 free online Dora the Explorer games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.