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Play Dora's Dot to Dot game and throw an impressive slumber party under the stars! Count and connect the stars to find all the necessary items!

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Get ready for an adventure under the stars in Dora's Dot to Dot game! The young explorer and her friends want to have a slumber party, but none of them have been to one before, so they are missing a lot of stuff! They will need a place to sleep, some cozy plushies to hug at night, and some snacks! Will you join Dora and her friends for the slumber party?

Organizing a slumber party is no easy job, so your goal is to find all the items Dora and her friends need for a nighttime fiesta! Connect the stars and solve the young girl's riddles by figuring out the object she is trying to gather! Boots, Swiper, and the rest of Dora's friends can't wait to get everything together and start the most fun slumber fiesta!

How to Play

You can connect the stars just by using your mouse. You will start from number one. Hover over the number that comes next in order, and form the outline of the needed object. Dora will help by counting with you in Spanish and teaching you all the numbers!

Every new object will start with a riddle! By connecting the stars and figuring out the shape of the item, you have the chance to guess what it is, based on Dora's hints! For example, Dora will need something to carry all her slumber party objects in! What do you think that is? It's her loyal companion, the Backpack!

Dora is not the only one who needs some items for this slumber party! Boots, the monkey, can't go to sleep without his plushie dinosaur! Swiper also needs his Funny Bunny to fall asleep! Tico can only arrive in style at the party with his yellow car! Gather everyone's items and get the party started!

Now that you know what you need for a slumber fiesta, will you help Dora and her friends have a great time tonight? Time for some fun under the stars!