Dora's Fairytale Fiesta

Play the Dora's Fairytale Fiesta game and enjoy a fun party with your favorite characters! Help everyone escape the witch's curse and reach the castle!

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Join the young explorer on her way to the party in the Dora's Fairytale Fiesta game! Dora and Boots got invited to a royal fiesta held by the king! It's a long way to the castle in Fairytale Land, but with the help of friends, the young girl and her friend will get there in time! However, the witch has other plans! She cast a curse over the land and tried to ruin the fiesta!

Your goal in this game is to pass all the challenges left by the witch and get Dora and Boots to the castle party! You'll meet many fairytale characters who need your help. Give them a hand, and they'll attend the party with you! Maybe you'll even convince the ruthless witch to come! Everyone in Fairytale Land gets invited!

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. Navigate the storybook, consult the map and find your way to the castle. You'll have to pass through all the levels to reach the fiesta. Click Next to hear each story and follow the instructions for every mini-game. Undo all of the witch's curses and continue on your merry way!

You'll have to stop three times on your way. Help the characters in every location and move on towards the castle. Here they are: 

- The Seven Dwarfs: click on objects all around the meadow to find the seven dwarfs after being thrown around by the witch's curse

- The Three Little Pigs: put the pieces together to rebuild the piglets' house before the big bad wolf comes

- Jack and the Beanstalk: help everyone jump from cloud to cloud and reach the fiesta.

If you love helping others and extending your group of friends, these challenges will satisfy you! Vamonos! The party is waiting!

Now that you know how to undo the witch's curses, will you be able to help all the characters on the way to the fiesta? Dora and Boots are ready for a fun-filled fantasy adventure!