Dora's Big Birthday Adventure

Help Dora and Boots go home for the party in the Dora's Big Birthday Adventure game! Collect the crystals, stay out of trouble, and keep your friends safe!

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About Dora's Big Birthday Adventure Game

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Oh no! Dora the Explorer and Boots are late to their own party in the Dora's Big Birthday Adventure game! Now, your friends must go on a magical journey across the rainbow and find their way back home. Will you join the protagonists on their adventure and overcome all the obstacles together?

Your goal for today's mission is to collect the crystals and find the Wishing Wizzle. To do this, you'll have to guide Dora and Boots all over the land and stay out of trouble. An evil witch is watching your every step, so you have to be careful! Are you confident you can go home in time for the birthday party?

How to Play

It's time to head out! To help your friends fly over the Sea Snake, you'll have to move your mouse across the screen and lead the way. Afterward, press the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrows on your keyboard, and look for the exit. Jump through the platforms, change lanes quickly, and reach the end of your mission!

Throughout your journey, you'll have to go through the Sea Snake Lake, Dancing Forest, and over the rainbow. At the end of the way, the Wishing Wizzle will be waiting for you. How many gems will you be able to grab before the final destination? To teleport back home, you'll need to collect all the items you can find!

To get past the Sea Snake, you'll have to look for special crystals. An object will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you have to find the first letter of each word. Just watch out for the enemy, or she will pop holes into your bubble! If this happens, you have to quickly count them and patch up the damage!

Each location is full of obstacles, so you must pay attention! Watch out for banana peels, avoid the beehives, and don't run into any creatures. The evil witch is keeping her eyes on you, so you shouldn't fall for her tricks! Each time you get hit, you'll lose a precious gem.

There's no time to lose! Dora and Boots are late for their birthday party, and you must help them go back home. Will you be able to keep your friends safe?