Dora's Puppy Adventure

Play the Dora's Puppy Adventure game and enjoy a fun adventure with Perrito! Collect bones, complete the courses and get the keys to release the pups!

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About Dora's Puppy Adventure Game

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You can get to know Perrito and his fluffy friends in Dora's Puppy Adventure game! The friends of Dora's tiny pup got trapped inside a four-lock cage! Perrito wants to play with them and share some bones, but the poor puppies got stuck and need your help! Will you join Dora in this adventure and give the little dogs a helping paw?

Perrito wants to free his friends, so your job in this game is to help him find the four keys that open each corner of the cage! He is also collecting bones for a little feast with the other puppies. Do you enjoy cute adventures and obstacle courses? Then, you cannot miss this game! The happy barks of the free puppies will be worth it!

How to Play

You'll only need one tool to guide Perrito through the levels and collect the bones, which is your mouse! Move your cursor left and right to make him walk. You can control the pace of his steps, so play with the movement as you see fit! To grab the bones from higher places, click to jump!

Every level Perrito needs to complete gets harder and harder! He will have to jump onto moving platforms, ride carousels, grab bones from balloons or parachutes and walk up steep heels! But don't worry! As challenging as it sounds, with a bit of patience and focus, you'll be able to reach the final line and grab the key each time!

You will need to collect four keys to release the puppies. That means you'll have to reach the end of every level! When all the locks have their keys, Perrito's furry friends will be free, and you can feed them the bones you've gathered! It's time for a feast!

Now that you know how to navigate the courses, can you help Perrito achieve his goal and collect the needed keys? Woof! Let the fluffy adventure begin!