Dora Saves the Farm

Give the Dora Saves the Farm game a try if you've ever wanted to visit a farm! Can you stop by each location and finish the chores to save Benny's animals?

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About Dora Saves the Farm Game

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If you love animals, then the Dora Saves the Farm game was made for you! Working on a farm is no easy task, so Dora is ready to give Benny some help. Will you visit the cute cow together and lend him a hand with all his chores? If so, it's time to get to work!

Your job is to do multiple things around the farm, such as tending to the creatures, collecting eggs, or cleaning off the mud. However, these tasks require concentration and a steady hand to complete. Can you stay focused and finish all your chores on time? If so, you'll be able to save Benny's farm!

How to Play

The only tool you need to begin this challenge is your mouse! All you have to do is tap on each building to guide Dora around the farm. After that, click on the elements or move your cursor across the screen to complete the chores. That sounds easy as pie, right?

There's so much to do on the farm! Can you help Benny, the cow, finish all his chores? If so, you'll have to stop by the chicken coop, the pigpen, and the barn and get to work. Once you arrive at your destination, a special task awaits each time!

Your main chores are catching the eggs, finding the baby pigs covered in mud, and locating the animals hiding in the barn. Just like a real farmer, you must act fast if you want to complete all your tasks before the sun is down!

Can you take a good look around and help all the creatures? Just don't worry if you don't get it right the first time because you can retry each challenge as many times as you want!

What else you should know

When your task is over, you can see how many elements you've collected! Just listen to Dora and follow her lead to practice counting. After that, you can continue working on the current chore or use the map to move on to another challenge. Doesn't it sound exciting?

Are you ready to head off to the farm? If so, join Dora and help take care of Benny's animals together!