Dora's Royal Rescue

Try Dora's Royal Rescue game and play the role of a knight in shining armor! Explore the kingdom, collect books and save Don Quixote from the evil wizard!

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Save Don Quixote and restore the order in the kingdom in the Dora's Royal Rescue game! This time, the evil wizard Malambruno has captured the mighty Don Quixote and snatched all the books in the realm. Will you join the knight's horse, Rocinante, and Dora in a thrilling adventure in the fantasy land and stop the sorcerer from casting an awful spell?

Hop onto your noble steed because your job in this game is to become the kingdom's knight and rescue Don Quixote, along with all the books in the realm. Navigate through the three levels, collect books and other perks, then find Malambruno in the Story Castle. Let the adventure begin!

How to Play

Riding a horse along the kingdom's exciting paths is no easy job. Thankfully, you only need your keyboard to master it. Use the Left and Right arrow keys to guide Rocinante back and forth. You can also jump atop surfaces by pressing the Space bar.

Your mission is to explore the three areas, collect all the books on your way and find the hidden crayons! First, walk around the dark and wet Underground Cave. Then pass through the beautiful Noble Forest. Once you're out, you will see the beautiful Story Castle, your final destination.

You will have to deal with a few obstacles on your journey, such as rapid waterfalls and steep hills. To begin with, you should find the items that can help you pass them quickly. For instance, you can grab an umbrella to ride and jump under the waterfall. Similarly, the sparkly horseshoes will allow you to walk up inclined hills.

Every level contains a locked door you must open if you want to go forth in your adventure! To unlock it, you need to answer a riddle. You can find the solution to the puzzle in the books you've collected along the way! Pay attention to each detail, and you'll solve the riddle in no time!

What else you should know

Malambruno can only be defeated if you complete Dora's adventure book in order. Each photo shows a part of your exciting journey. Arrange them in the order they happened and break the wizard's evil spell!

The crayons you've collected throughout your travels will help give life to the lovely pictures in Dora's journal. Click on them to see the background of each photo transform!

Now that you have the abilities of a knight, will you be able to bring peace to the kingdom and rescue Don Quixote? Vamonos! It's up to you to defeat the wizard!