Dora Saves Map

Play the Dora Saves Map game and rescue the young girl's friend! Navigate through the course, get Map back, and collect the gifts for the fiesta!

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About Dora Saves Map Game

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Join the young Latina in a thrilling adventure in the Dora Saves Map game! Dora is heading to Mommy Bugga Bugga's fiesta for her babies! But Swiper has done it again and stole all the babies' presents! Before Dora could start looking for them, a giant bird flew close and grabbed the Map from her backpack. She must rescue him before something happens! Vamonos! 

Join the adventure and help save Map from the big bird in the dark cave! You must also find the Bugga Bugga babies' presents before the party! They were scattered all around the jungle and close to the cavern by Swiper. Use the help of your friends and find Map, then celebrate! Everybody loves a fiesta!

How to Play

You only need your keyboard to play this game. Use the arrow keys to control Dora's movement. To jump on top of tree branches, booster flowers, or mushrooms, press your Spacebar. Get across the jungle and rocky plains to find the gifts and rescue the Map! You can use the movement to your advantage and find the fastest way to the destination.

As you progress through the levels, you will collect lots of stars! They're everywhere! Find them on top of the trees, on clouds, or on rocks. However, you must be careful with them. Swiper's robot butterflies and bats are out to get them. Try to avoid bumping into them, or they'll steal your stars! The butterflies will only grab one, but the bats are vicious and will steal two!

Throughout your journey, there will be multiple obstacles in your way! You can easily pass them with the help of Dora's star-shaped friends. For example, one friend can guide you through the dark cave, while another can lift a heavy object out of your way! Let them accompany you on your adventure and take advantage of what they offer.

What else you should know

The Bugga Bugga babies' gifts got stolen, but you can make them smile again by bringing them back! Collect all ten of them on your journey to save the Map, and throw a fiesta no one will forget!

The difficulty of the course will increase as you advance, so make sure you explore all the places, even if it means going back a few steps! Who knows what might hide behind the corner?

Now that you know all the tricks, are you ready to help Dora on her adventure and find Map? Vamonos! The fiesta is waiting!