Alphabet Forest Adventure

Practice your spelling with Dora the Explorer in the Alphabet Forest Adventure game! Help her and Boots gather all the scattered letters in a fun journey!

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About Alphabet Forest Adventure Game

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Have fun while learning with the Alphabet Forest Adventure game! In the company of Dora the Explorer and her energetic monkey pal, Boots, any subject is so easy and exciting to learn. For instance, the alphabet can seem overwhelming at first. When she was trying to read the Alphabet Book, Dora encountered a problem. Can you believe that all 26 letters got scattered in a strange land? Help her and Boots find them all!

The game allows you to explore three whimsical locations: ABC Tree, Alphabet River, and Letter Cave. You'll find many letters there and on the path between them. Your mission is to guide Dora and Boots. Can you lead the way?

How to Play

Your journey with Dora and Boots has two stages. To begin with, you need to walk to one of the three locations. Enjoy a fun platform challenge! Use the Left and Right Arrows to move our protagonist. If you need to jump, simply push the Space Bar.

Try your best to find all the letters and the stars on the path! The more of them you manage to gather, the happier Dora will be. Either way, she and her pal monkey will encourage you along the way!

Every once in a while, you'll come across a location where the letters are so high up you can't reach them. Yikes! Are you smart enough to find a way to get them down?

All you have to do is take a close look at all the objects around the letter. For instance, if the letter is P, click on the three items that start with a P. Puzzle, pear, or phone are just some of them. Hover over each icon, and Dora will say their name out loud for you!

Keep track of your progress by glancing at the bar at the lower part of the screen! You can see all the letters of the alphabet appear there as soon as you find them. As soon as you pick up all 26, Dora will reward you by singing the famous Alphabet Song. Don't be afraid to sing along and practice your music skills too!

With Dora and her monkey friend, learning is a blast! Enjoy the colorful graphics and lively music in her magical universe!