Dora's Number Pyramid Adventure

Use your math skills to free the animals in Dora's Number Pyramid Adventure game! Count with Dora, select the correct numbers and find the magic jewel!

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About Dora's Number Pyramid Adventure Game

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Oh no! The animals are trapped inside the number pyramid, and you must save them in the Dora's Number Pyramid Adventure game! The missing jewel that will unlock the door is hidden at the top of the pyramid. Will you help Dora reach the magical ruby and save the day? 

How good are you at solving math problems? To help the cute explorer overcome the obstacles, you need to count together and choose the correct number. However, the mission can be tricky because you will also have to count backward! If you're confident in your skills, you'll surely complete the challenge in no time!

How to Play

It's time to head off on your journey! Luckily, the only tool you need to use for this mission is your mouse. Look at the sequence on the screen, then click on the missing number to solve the problem. After that, you will get closer and closer to your destination!

Dora must cross over three rivers to reach the top of the pyramid. However, you have to pay attention and use your counting skills to overcome each trial. Will you be able to find the correct order? After you have the right answer, simply click on the animals and hop over their backs to move on!

To save all the crocodiles, turtles, and dolphins, you must safely guide Dora to the final destination! However, remember that the order of the numbers will be different each time. Look where the empty space is, count up and down, and choose your answer! That sounds easy as pie, doesn't it?

Don't worry if you can't solve the problem the first time. The explorer will let you keep trying until you get the correct solution. You will surely improve your math knowledge this way! Once you complete all the stages, you will finally reach the magical jewel and release the animals!

Are you prepared to begin the adventure? Dora is counting on you to help her pass over the rivers and save the day. It's time to show off your counting skills and rescue all the creatures!