Dora's Star Mountain Mini-Golf

It's time to become a golf master in the Dora's Star Mountain Mini-Golf game! Aim carefully, hit the ball, and finish the course to showcase your skills!

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About Dora's Star Mountain Mini-Golf Game

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Get ready to join Dora and play an exciting game of golf together in the Dora's Star Mountain Mini-Golf game! The cute explorer is trying to reach the top of Star Mountain, but there are many challenges to beat first. To keep climbing and arrive at the Giant Star, you must prove your skills as a mini-golf master. Are you confident you can overcome all the trials?

This is a classic arcade game, where you must throw the ball and try to reach the hole within as few tries as possible. The fewer hits you need to complete each stage, the better your performance will be! If you're a true professional, you can surely aim to win each round in one move! Will you be able to help Dora reach the top of the mountain safely?

How to Play

It's time to begin your adventure! Luckily you won't need any golf clubs, because you only have to use your mouse. Move the cursor across the screen, and the arrow will follow your lead. Once you're ready to throw your ball toward the hole, just click and hit it as far as you can! 

The golf course contains nine holes of increasing difficulty before you arrive at the Giant Star. Each stop has various obstacles that you must face, like falling jewels, bridges, tunnels, or snowy paths. To avoid them, you must consider the ball's trajectory before taking action. Just aim carefully and take a powerful shot to fly past all the objects in front of you!

Don't worry if the road ahead seems dangerous, because your three friends will help you out! If you see any rainbow-colored stars, aim your ball toward them. This way, you will earn a power-up that will remove the obstacles from your path and help you clear the current stage. The Explorer Stars are always ready to lend you a hand!

What else you should know

As you finish each hole and continue your adventure, you will earn some cards as a prize. There are nine pictures to find in total, and each one is special. After you reach the top of Star Mountain, you can even print them out to share them with your friends! How cool is that?

Are you prepared to join Dora the Explorer on her golfing journey? Grab your golf club and ball, and get ready to show off your skills! Only a true master will be able to arrive at the Giant Star!