Explore a new language and culture with Kai-Lan!

If you're a curious child with a passion for fun and adventure, you can't miss out on the Ni Hao, Kai-Lan Games! The flash animated series allows young viewers to experience a new culture while playing with friends their age!

Inspired by Chinese traditions and festivities, Nick Jr. launched the series on the first day of Chinese New Year in 2007! Throughout its three seasons, the series features the daily life of Kai-Lan, a Chinese-American preschooler. She invites viewers to step inside her imaginative universe filled with loveable animal friends. Keep reading to find out why our heroine and her pals have so many fans!

Most of Kai-Lan's adventures start with her trying to help her friends get out of trouble. Our heroine has many talents and skills she can use. However, she can't do it alone! Therefore, you'll be invited to chime in by playing games and solving riddles. Become an active part of Kai-Lan's journey!

If you love music, this category is for you! Our heroine has put together a band to perform melodies for each of her adventures. Luckily, each of her friends can play an instrument! Would you like to join in the sing-a-long portions and practice your musical talent?

Like another famous Nickelodeon heroine, Dora the Explorer, Kai-Lan aims to teach you about her origin country. What is more, she'll even help you learn Mandarin! By repeating phrases with her, you'll become better in no time.

Besides, you'll also have a chance to experience Chinese traditions. Would you like to be invited to a New Year's party or learn a recipe for a delicious Asian desert? It all sounds so exciting!

Meet Kai-Lan's pals!

Say Ni Hao! to Kai-Lan! The cute heroine is a bright and curious 6-year-old. What is more, she is bilingual, thanks to her Chinese-American origin. Because of her outgoing nature, she easily makes friends wherever she goes.

The young girl's favorite activities are helping her friends and teaching them new stuff. Therefore, she'll happily teach you Mandarin and invite you to experience Chinese festivities. Who could ask for a better friend?

Grandpa Ye-Ye is Kai-Lan's biggest supporter and protector. Besides, the kind man takes all of his granddaughter's pals under his wing! He usually keeps an eye on them while they play and treats them with Chinese dishes. He'll appreciate a helping hand preparing one of his favorite recipes in Kai-Lan's Super Apple Surprise game! Yummy!

Everybody needs a monkey as a best friend! Despite being the smallest of Kai-Lan's pals, Hoho has a big personality. As a result, you'll never see him standing still. Can you keep up with him? Compete on thrilling race with Hoho's Chinese New Year Coin Catch game to find out!

Rintoo is another strong presence in Kai-Lan's adventure, as he's very energetic. Often, he can act before thinking! However, the yellow tiger's good nature always comes out in the end. You'll grow to love this excitable feline!

It's hard to resist the sweet Tolee! The grey koala is known for his sensible and caring nature. He even has a stuffed toy, Pandy, that never leaves his side! Whenever he's feeling anxious, Tolee turns to his panda and his friends for help. They help him break out of his shell!

Have you ever met anybody that looks better in pink? Lulu is a whimsical and girly rhino who loves tea parties and balloons. Did you know that she also plays the piano?

Develop new skills with the Ni Hao, Kai-Lan Games!

If you haven't noticed by now, Kai-Lan is passionate about learning! Therefore, all of her adventures have an educational component to them. Mainly, the games in this category focus on the value of friendship and teamwork.

Like any group of friends, Kai-Lan and her crew have conflicts or misunderstandings. However, they always work together to get over them! The pals try to understand each other, talk about their feelings, and admit when they make mistakes. If you follow their advice, you'll surely get along better with your pals in real life!

Besides being book-smart, Kai-Lan also loves arts and crafts! Often, she and her friend unleash their creativity by trying new projects. Cut, glue, draw, and color with them! For example, the Paper Lanterns game will help you craft a festive decoration for a Chinese holiday!

Are you ready to get active? Kai-Lan and her friends love playing outside. Besides, they like to exercise by playing sports or dancing. They make working out so fun! For instance, they love dancing to their band's music. If you're an energetic kid, join a practice with the crew! Bust out your best moves in DJ Hoho's Dance Party game!

There's so much new stuff to learn with Kai-Lan! If you hang out with her and her pals, you'll never get bored. No matter your mood, Ni Hao, Kai-Lan Games will help you have fun, develop your skills, and discover a new world!

There are currently 15 free online Ni Hao Kai-Lan games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.