Princess Kai-Lan's Super Matching Game

Help your favorite Chinese-American heroine rule the Island of Friends in Princess Kai-Lan's Super Matching Game! Pair up foxes and bears based on colors!

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About Princess Kai-Lan's Super Matching Game

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Embark on an adventure in the Kingdom of Friends with Princess Kai-Lan's Super Matching Game! On the Island of Friendship live two rival factions; the bears and the foxes. After years of fighting, they have decided they want to befriend each other and work together for a better life on the island. However, they can't find anything in common.

Luckily, Kai-Lan is here to help! You should give her a hand if you want to practice your attention to detail while enjoying a thrilling story about friendship! 

The game consists of three levels, each more complicated than the previous. Your goal is simple: make pairs comprised of a bear and a fox. If you choose wisely, the two animals will become friends. How neat! 

How to Play

Concentration and patience are the keys to winning in this game! To begin with, take a look at all the characters in front of you. Have you noticed that each one is wearing the traditional attire of their people? What is more, some of them even sport a hat! Click and drag one of the characters on one of the two pedestals to take a closer look!

Despite the differences in design, the costumes have something in common: the colors. Your job is to find a bear and a fox that wear the same colors. Once you find them, click and drag the animal of the opposing faction on the second pedestal. If you've guessed correctly, the couple will befriend each other and disappear from the scene. 

Can you clear up the entire board? Every pair of friends will earn you an extra point. You can check out your score by glancing at the top of the screen!

If you reach 16 points, you win the game, and the Monkey King will crown Kai-Lan as the Queen of the Island of Friends. That's such an honor! Besides, you'll get a paper doll model as a reward. Print it out and build it to enjoy even more fun with Kai-Lan!