Meet the Baby Panda

Try the Meet the Baby Panda game and play with Kai-Lan's cute panda friend! Give him all his favorite toys and keep him happy in time for the naming party!

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Are you ready to make friends with a cute panda in the Meet the Baby Panda game? If you're a fan of the Ni Hao, Kai-Lan series, this game is made for you! Now is your chance to help Kai-Lan get ready for the naming party and get to know her new animal buddy. Just pick up some toys and get ready to have lots of fun together!

Your goal for this challenge is to keep playing with the cute panda and keep him happy. To do this, you have to choose all his favorite toys. Will you be able to guess which ones he likes most? Just be sure not to stop having fun, or your buddy will get sad in no time!

How to Play

Let's get ready for the naming party! All you need to start playing with your new friend is your mouse. Simply click on any item, and give it to the Baby Panda! Once he's had enough fun, it's time to guess your friend's new name! 

The panda is the star of today's party, so you have to keep him happy before the event begins! Before you get started, there are 6 objects you can use to play together. Remember that your cute animal friend likes certain toys more than others, so use them to make his happiness bar fill up faster. Will you be able to find those items and make your buddy happy?

Do your best to keep having fun, and don't take any breaks! If you stop playing, the Baby Panda will gradually become sad. However, the bar at the bottom of the screen will start to fill up again once you continue playing. Once it's completely full, it's time for the naming party to begin!

What's going to be the name of your furry friend? You can pick one of the following three scrolls: Bamboo, Watermelon, or Dumpling. Just select your favorite option, and see if you guessed right! After you do this, you can even take a short language lesson and learn the meaning of the Chinese letters.

What are you waiting for? The naming party is about to begin, so join Kai-Lan and her friends and make the Baby Panda happy! Can you find his favorite toys and have fun together?