Kai-Lan's Super Apple Surprise

Collect apples for Ye-Ye's favorite desert in Kai-Lan's Super Apple Surprise game! Follow the recipe to see how many red, yellow, and green fruit you need!

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Have fun in the orchard with Hoho in Kai-Lan's Super Apple Surprise game! If you are a fan of the perky Chinese-American heroine, you surely know Ye-Ye, her grandpa. He makes delicious desserts, especially candied apples. Would you like to taste some? Then hurry to the garden, where Kai-Lan and her pet monkey will help you gather the main ingredient: apples!

The game consists of three levels. Each stage of the game challenges you to gather different colored apples according to Ye-Ye's recipe. This way, you'll practice counting and recognizing colors while having fun with your friends!

How to Play

Even if it sounds like a tiring activity, gathering apples in this game is easy as pie. Hoho will climb in the trees and throw apples on the ground. On the other hand, Kai-Lan's job is to catch the fruit with her enormous basket. Here is where you come in! Move your cursor to the left and right to move the heroine around the orchard!

However, before you can start gathering fruit, you have to study the recipe. How many green, red, and yellow apples do you need? Kai-Lan will count with you out loud!

While you're busy grabbing fruit, you should also look for obstacles. Sometimes, you might come across mud puddles. Avoid stepping in them, as they'll slow you down! What is more, you should also stay away from apple cores. Picking them up is just a waste of time!

However, you should try to pick up the pink flower to prove your sharp reflexes. Kai-Lan's friends will treat you to a special dance every time you collect it!

If you succeed and complete all three recipes, Ye-Ye, Kai-Lan, Hoho, and the rest of the gang will join you for a candied apple party! Would you like to try the recipe yourself? Kai-Lan's grandpa will reward you for helping him by sharing his secret family recipe. Just click the print button to find out how to prepare this dessert yourself!