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About Hoho's Chinese New Year Coin Catch Game

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Enjoy the thrill of a festive race in Hoho's Chinese New Year Coin Catch game! Are you ready to celebrate the most significant holiday in Chinese culture? Before enjoying the party, you have to help Kai-Lan, Ye-Ye, and Hoho prepare. Can you gather coins for grandpa's envelopes? You'll practice recognizing colors and letters during a thrilling race!

The game consists of three levels, each one being a race where Hoho will try to gather coins. The catch is that each coin is marked with a letter. Follow Kai-Lan's instructions and collect as many colorful coins as you can!

How to play the game

Are you ready to prove your agility? As you might have guessed, Hoho is an agile little monkey. Can you keep up with him? Our furry hero will run forward automatically. Your job is to move your mouse left and right to help him navigate among all the colorful coins. Click the left mouse button to make him jump!

Listen to Kai-Lan's instructions! She will mention the letter you have to find. Can you pick it up from all the other colorful coins? Pay close attention if the letter is upper case or lower case!

You should also watch out for rocks and fences! They will slow down our protagonist! On the other hand, the bouncing mushrooms will launch Hoho up in the air. The cool tricks he performs will help him gather more coins!

The game ends when you fill-up the six slots at the top of the screen with red, blue, yellow, and green coins. Each correct answer will decorate Ye-Ye's red envelope at the end of the race.

Don't you think the Chinese New Year decorations are elegant and festive? You'll have a chance to enjoy Ye-Ye's favorite tradition and improve your reading skills simultaneously. What can be more thrilling than hanging out with Kai-Land and her pals on this special day?