The Backyardigans Games

Develop your imagination by adventuring in The Backyardigans Games! Befriend Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin through various musical quests!

Step inside a world of music and imagination!

Don't miss out on The Backyardigans Games if you're a creative kid with a taste for adventure! You'll have the chance to meet five colorful animal friends who love to play in their backyard.

What makes their games stand out is creativity! They can use their imagination to turn any game into an exciting adventure! Thanks to these creative ideas, this Nickelodeon show lasted from 2004 to 2013. Isn't that impressive?

What makes this show a fan-favorite among parents, older siblings, and young kids alike is its use of imagination. Most of the Backyardigans' adventures start in the shared backyard of the five heroes. To make their playdate more interesting, the five friends use their imagination to turn the yard into a fun place they'd like to visit.

Moreover, they can take on any role they can imagine. For instance, the pals can become pirates or astronauts for the day. Don't forget that they can also travel to fantasy realms and even go back in time! If you play the Backyardigans Adventure Maker game, you too will have the chance to imagine your unique adventure!

Unlike other shows for small children, the Backyardigans are fun to watch for older kids too! The show is like a stage musical, with four songs and dances in each episode. That's a lot of fun! Can you believe that the type of music changes every time too? You will discover new music all the time. If you explore this category, and you'll have a blast, no matter your age!

Meet the five cheerful protagonists!

Given that she's one of a kind, you should meet Uniqua first! The pink heroine of the series stands out from the others, as nobody knows what kind of animal she is. Her personality is unique as well our heroine is highly energetic and full of new ideas. Can you keep up with her? Her sense of humor and good heart will make you love her from the first adventure!

The blue and yellow penguin, Pablo, will always keep you on your toes. It seems like he's always active and up to something! This extreme energy he brings makes any quest more exciting. However, he can also become worried and panic when things don't go his way. Help him be the captain of a pirate ship in the Pirate Adventure game!

Unlike the blue penguin, Tyrone is the most relaxed animal pal in the show. The orange moose is confident, laid-back, and very easygoing. Therefore, he makes any adventure more fun! It's no wonder that everyone wants to be his best friend. Despite their differences, Tyrone and Pablo are best friends. How cute!

Tasha, the yellow hippopotamus, will surely impress you with her determination. There isn't a problem that she can't solve! However, sometimes our hippo friend can become too bossy and upset her friends. Yikes! However, by the end of the episode, they agree to disagree. Even pals can argue sometimes!

Learning with friends is an adventure in The Backyardigans Games!

Each adventure you enjoy with the Backyardigans will try to teach you something useful! Whether the animals decide to go surfing, explore other planets, or visit an island, they'll find something new. Think of objects, places, people, jobs, and plenty of other stuff! Using fun songs and dances, the Backyardigans will teach you fun facts about them!

If you embark on enough adventures with your colorful pals, they'll also teach you all about friendship! The five animals have played and learned together for a long time. Despite their different personalities, they find a way to have fun in the backyard without fighting often. Even if they do, they apologize and make up right away! Watch them work together and join in on the fun with the Tale of the Mighty Knights game!

It's not hard to enjoy The Backyardigans Games! The five colorful heroes can cheer up grumpy viewers in just a few minutes. If their funny look doesn't make you smile, the creative songs and funky dances surely will! 

While you're having fun, you'll also learn about imagination, friendship, and music. Besides, you'll also find out more about the world around you. Who knows what new interests and hobbies you'll discover? Find out by playing through as many Backyardigans quests as you can!

There are currently 8 free online The Backyardigans games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.