Backyardigans Pirate Adventure

Head out on the adventure of a lifetime with the Pirate Adventure game! Learn about sailing a ship pirate life in the cheerful company of the Backyardigans!

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Embark on the ship and set out on the journey of a lifetime with the Pirate Adventure game!

If you know anything about the Backyardigans, then you must have found out about their ability to fantasize. These colorful animals can turn their backyard into anything you want with the power of their imagination. This time, they have decided to become pirates on a ship, with Austin playing the role of captain. Ahoy, matey!

The game consists of sailing from one island to another four times. Along the way, you'll have to face the perils of the sea and learn essential techniques for any sea wolf. You'll also get a chance to earn colorful badges and discover secrets about the Backyardigans! Are you ready to set sail?

How to Play

Steering a ship among the wild waves sounds like a monumental task! However, this game makes it easier and much more fun! All you have to do is use your cursor! Slide it to the left or the right, and the ship will follow this movement. Easy and fun!

Even if steering can be amusing, it's also a tricky task! Make sure you watch for debris among the waves, such as barrels, planks, and sharp rocks. Unless you want your ship to break, you have to do your best to swerve between them! 

If you hit too many obstacles, you'll find that the Red Boot Pirate will come to visit the crew and tickle them. Yikes! If this happens, you'll have to replay the entire leg of the journey.

What else you should know

As you know, pirates love treasure! Therefore, you'll have the chance to collect plenty of chests filled with gold. The more you gather, the higher your score will be at the end of the level!

Besides gold, you can also collect badges! You can receive up to four badges, each one of them representing a specific activity on the pirate ship. For instance, you'll learn what heaving the sail is and where the word swashbuckler originates. That's very interesting for any pirate fan!

Don't be afraid to set sail alongside the Backyardigans! Using their trusty map, they'll find a way to take you back home. By the end of this thrilling adventure, you'll become a true pirate expert!