Beat-Time Boogie

Hop on the dance floor and show off your moves in the Beat-Time Boogie game! Listen to the music, keep up with Austin, and recreate all his steps!

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About Beat-Time Boogie Game

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Give the Beat-Time Boogie game a try and showcase your impressive dance skills! Are you ready to get the party started? Austin has created a new choreography, and he's excited to teach you all the moves. Join him on the dance floor and do your best to keep up!

Being a good dancer requires both ability and a good memory. This is why you must stay focused as you learn all the steps. During the game, your job is to watch all the squares light up, remember the order, and recreate Austin's moves! Do you have what it takes to complete this challenge?

How to Play

Are you ready to step on the dance floor? All you need to start learning some moves is your mouse! Watch Austin practice his choreography, then click on the correct squares to follow his lead. Sounds easy so far, right?

First things first, you must select a difficulty: Easy or Hard. The two modes have different requirements, so it's best to start with the first one. After that, you can choose a location to visit, between Western, Beach, or Space. Depending on your option, your buddy's outfit will change. How cool is that? 

Dance to the music with Austin and watch the squares light up! You must follow the same order to stay on the beat. The better your performance is, the faster your Super Star Meter will fill up! When it's completely full, you'll see even cooler dance moves!

What else you should know

With each round you play, the number of moves will increase by one. This is why you must always stay focused! If you make a wrong move, the Meter will go down. Just don't worry because Austin will repeat his dance steps until you learn the choreography!

Are you ready to try the Hard mode? You'll have to focus on the music and click on the square when it's in the box. Just remember that the speed will keep increasing, so you have to act fast! If you're too slow, you'll lose momentum and have to restart the dance.

Let's get dancing! Aren't you excited to learn some new moves? If so, join Austin and follow his lead!