Shimmer and Shine: Pop and Spell

Test your spelling skills in the Shimmer and Shine: Pop and Spell game! While up in the clouds, arrange the letter balloons to form the word in the image!

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About Shimmer and Shine: Pop and Spell Game

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Play Shimmer and Shine: Pop and Spell game to practice your spelling while having fun with your favorite genies! You have the chance to go up in the clouds and explore a magical realm while learning.

Forget about a boring classroom filled with chalk, paper, and other supplies. Now you can study while having fun in a land of fantasy!

The game consists of ten word-puzzles. Shimmer and Shine need your help placing the balloons in the correct order to form a word. Just glance at the card above to get a hint and find out what word you have to spell out!

How to Play

Practicing spelling can be tedious in day-to-day life. However, this word challenge makes everything more entertaining. Just like in class, you'll see the word you have to spell on a card. However, this time you'll be up in the clouds!

Once you know what the word is, take a look at all the balloons around you. Each one contains a letter that you need to use to spell out the word. Simply click and drag any of them in the correct position until the term below is complete. Easy and fun!

As you progress through the challenge, you'll have to face longer and more complicated words. You'll start with three and four-letter words and then advance to six and seven-letter ones. Luckily, Shimmer and Shine will lend you a helping hand! They will complete some of the letters for you, making your task much easier.

Have you managed to complete all ten words? It means you're truly a spelling pro. Even if you have a few difficulties at first, you can replay this challenge as many times as you want. Thanks to the fun music and whimsical atmosphere, you'll have a blast while practicing spelling with Shimmer and Shine.

Enjoy the music and fun colors while you become smarter and better at spelling!