Rainbow Waterfall Adventure

Play the Rainbow Waterfall Adventure game and complete all the missions! Travel across a magical land, save the genies, and find all the missing crystals!

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About Rainbow Waterfall Adventure Game

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Have you ever wanted to explore the magical land of Zahramay Falls? If yes, you have to give the Rainbow Waterfall Adventure game a try! Shimmer and Shine must travel to Rainbow Zahramay and complete a series of quests to save the day. Will you join the cute genies and help solve the missions together?

Let's begin the adventure! Your goal is to sail your boat toward your destination and gather all the crystals you come across. However, you must be very careful, because there's also danger ahead! Are you confident you can keep your friends safe and complete the quest?

How to Play

Luckily the controls here are very straightforward! To control the ship and change lanes, you must tap the Arrow keys on your keyboard. Simply press Up or Down to change lanes and stay on the right path. Once it's time to catch some chicken, use your mouse and click on the birds to capture them!

Throughout this challenge, you must overcome three different missions. For the first quest, your job is to sail the boat and find the lost genies. Remember to also watch out for any crystals because they will help increase your speed. Just be sure to avoid any obstacles on the way, or you might get stuck!

For your second task, it's time to help Leah, Shimmer, and Shine capture all the chickens! However, the birds are fast, so you'll have to be very careful. The key to solving this mission is acting as quickly as possible. How many targets can you grab before the challenge is over?

For the last stage, hop from one cloud to another and find the missing crystals. This is a platform challenge, so you must jump from one side to another and pay attention not to fall! Once you have all the items, you have to help Imma the waterfall genie. This is the final step to saving the day!

Head off to the Rainbow Waterfall and help Shimmer and Shine complete the quest! Your friends are counting on you to save the day, so join the genies and prepare for a thrilling adventure!