Zeta's Potion Power

Set out on a thrilling adventure in Zeta's Potion Power game! Can you gather whimsical magical potions and ride Zeta's motorbike among the clouds?

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About Zeta's Potion Power Game

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Don't miss out on Zeta's Potion Power game if you have a taste for adventure! This time, you'll have the chance to join the villain of the Shimmer and Shine series. Don't be afraid!

Zeta the Sorceress might seem quite intimidating, with her dark look and pet dragon, Nazboo. However, she isn't very good at being mean. On the contrary, sometimes she is friendly with the genies. In this adventure, you'll have the chance to see them working together to help Zeta craft some powerful potions!

The game consists of three main tasks. First, you need to help Zeta find all the bottles of special potion ingredients. Next, it's time to head out to the secret lab to mix up enchanted potions. Are you ready for the most thrilling part? Get ready to travel through the sky in Zeta's enchanted motorbike! It's just as exciting as it sounds!

How to Play

If you are a fan of platform adventures, you already know what you have to do! Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move around the dark cellar and find all the potion bottles. To get up on the shelves and platforms, simply press the Spacebar. It's easy!

While exploring the cellar, you'll encounter many objects that will help you get around, like elevators and trampolines. However, you'll also have to avoid the puddles of green poison. Every time you step into one, you'll lose some of your precious ingredients! Watch out for crumbling platforms too! If you linger on them for too long, you'll fall. Ouch!

Let's create some potions in Zeta's cauldron! To check out the recipe, simply glance at the yellow page in the lower right corner of the screen. It will indicate the number and color of bottles needed to create the magical recipe. Click and drag them in the cauldron in any order you want!

There's more you should know!

Let's hit the road! Riding Zeta's flying motorbike is one of the most thrilling experiences you'll enjoy with the genies! All you have to do is use the Up and Down Arrow keys to control this magical vehicle. Zeta will accelerate automatically, so you don't need to worry about that!

Watch out for obstacles! When you bump against a dark cloud or hostile winds, your bike will slow down. To gather more momentum, gather the yellow bags of fuel.

You can watch how much energy you have left by glancing at the fuel tank in the upper right corner of the screen. The genies will fill up your tank whenever you run out of juice. How helpful!

Keep an eye out for power-up potions! The pink mixture will create a shield around you and your vehicle, while the blue one will act as a magnet, attracting fuel bags. Finally, the green potion will give you a speed boost.

If you have managed to reach the end of this fantastic journey, you are a brave hero! Shimmer and Shine, the genies, would love to take you on to join in on even more thrilling adventures. What is more, even Zeta the Sorceress is impressed with your skills. How cool!