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About Nazboo's Dragon Family Caper Game

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Get ready to explore a magical land in the Nazboo's Dragon Family Caper game! Zeta sent the four cute dragons on a thrilling quest, and you get to join in. Can you help them find the missing gemstones and bring them back? If so, it's time to begin your adventure!

Let's start exploring! Your job is to help Nazboo and his cute dragon buddies find as many gems as possible. However, you must hurry up because you're playing against the clock! Will you be able to earn a high score?

How to play the game

Before you begin your journey, you have to understand the basics. To guide your friends around, you have to use your keyboard. Press the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrows to move in each direction, and they will follow your lead. Just be sure to explore every corner of the map, or you might miss out on valuable treasures!

The first location you have to visit is Shimmer and Shine's palace. Go around each room, search for the gems, and grab as many as possible! Remember that each time you visit another part of the castle, the previous rooms will be full of treasure again. Just keep running across the halls and collect all the shiny gemstones before time runs out!

For your second challenge, you must help Nazboo find his missing friends. Just keep jumping from one platform to another, and you'll come across Nahal, Tala, and the rest of the cute dragons. Just be sure not to rush, because you wouldn't want to miss your friends! Once the gang's all gathered, the mission is complete.

Finally, it's time to bake some delicious cookies! Add the ingredients to your bowl, mix them up, then start decorating. You can use all sorts of colorful sprinkles, chocolate chips, and other delicious treats, so place down as many as you want! Zeta will surely enjoy her present!

Are you ready to begin your quest and find some gemstones? Nazboo is counting on you to help him, so show off your skills and complete the missions together!

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