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About Robin Hood the Clean Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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Help save a filthy village and turn it squeaky clean in the Robin Hood the Clean game! The citizens would love to take baths, but Mayor Austin Stinkypants is against them. It seems that everything is dirty in Filthingham, and anything clean gets thrown in the dungeon. Will you be able to save the day and clean up the town?

First things first, you must obtain some cleaning supplies! Help Robin Hood the Clean make it to the secret stash of items and find the hidden entrance. To do this, you must first scrub down the walls because everything is covered in mud! Will you be able to find the keys and unlock the chamber?

How to play the game

Luckily you won't need any equipment, because you only have to use your mouse. Left-click anywhere on the walls, and Robin Hood will follow your lead. Of course, you can also move him in any direction by dragging your cursor across the screen. Your friend will scrub any corner you tap on, so hurry up and help clean the city!

For your first mission, you must wipe off the mud and clean the castle walls. However, the job isn't so easy, because there is dirt everywhere! As you keep wiping and scrubbing, you will obtain some keys. Grab all three of them, then uncover the hidden door to the dungeon!

You might be close to the mysterious stash of items, but Mayor Stinkypants has prepared an evil plan! The villain wants to play catch with you before he hands over the cleaning supplies. This is a dirty fight, so you must watch out! Pick up the correct items and try not to get hit by mudballs, or the situation will become messy!

Once all eight objects are yours, it's time to save the town! The enemy fell into a fountain, and he's waiting to get punished. Scrub him down with your brush, and make sure he doesn't escape! Once the mayor becomes squeaky clean, Filthingham will finally be saved!

Are you ready to become a hero? The citizens are tired of being dirty, and they're counting on you to help them! Follow the plan and use your powers to make the town proper again!

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