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Can you prevent the germs from spreading in the Bubble Scrubbies game? If so, go after Running Nose and use your powers to help the citizens get better!

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Oh no! Running Nose is getting everyone sick, and you have to catch him in the Bubble Scrubbies game! Gil and Molly act as the town's superheroes, Tissue Girl and Soaper Boy. Will you join them on their adventure and stop the villain from spreading his germs everywhere?

Grab your tissues because it's time to look for the sneezing townsfolk! To help people stay healthy, you must pick up some soup, orange juice, or tissue boxes. Swim from one platform to another, follow Running Nose's tracks, and prevent his germs from spreading.

Just make sure you also don't get sick during the chase!

How to Play

It's time to begin your adventure! To help Molly swim through the city, you must use the Arrow keys on your keyboard. Once you're ready to launch tissues at the sneezing townsfolk, all you have to do is click on the characters! That sounds easy so far, right?

Your mission is to help Molly and Gil clean up Running Nose's act around the city. To do this, you must check every area and help the citizens become healthy again. Share some tissues, follow the villain's tracks, and make sure to stop the germs from spreading! That's the way to keep things nice and clean!

After completing the first area, you'll arrive at the Old Factory. Can you help Gil wash the germs away to make everyone feel better? If so, it's time to use Soaper Boy's powers and clean up every citizen in sight. Just be sure to act fast, because the characters won't appear in front of the windows for too long!

Remember that Molly can also get sick, so you have to be careful! If you get too close to the citizens, you'll also catch the germs. When this happens, your friend will swim much slower. However, you can grab some soup and orange juice and help Tissue Girl feel better instantly!

Are you ready to go after Running Nose and clean up his mess? If so, join Gil and Molly and use your superpowers to keep the germs away!