Amazing Bubble Puppy

Can you find a missing puppy in the Amazing Bubble Puppy game? Join the Bubble Guppies, explore the labyrinth, and bring back their lost companion!

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About Amazing Bubble Puppy Game

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Oh no! The Bubble Guppies' cute pet got lost, and you have to find it in the Amazing Bubble Puppy game! Molly and Gil are looking everywhere for their furry companion, but he is stuck inside a tricky labyrinth. Can you join your buddies in their search and bring back Bubble Puppy to his owners?

It's time to begin the adventure! Navigating the maze is like solving a puzzle because you must always find the correct path. Follow the road toward your target and do your best not to get lost! Are you confident you can bring the lost pet back to the Bubble Guppies?

How to Play

Let's start exploring the labyrinth! To move around, all you need to use is your mouse. Tap on the screen, and the Guppies will follow your lead. Will you be able to reach the puppy at the end of the maze?

For your first move, you'll have to choose your favorite character between Molly and Gil. After you take your pick, it's time to begin the search! Your friends have prepared ten exciting levels for you to try, so you have to stay focused and solve the puzzle. Are you confident you can complete the challenge?

As you progress through the stages, the labyrinth will become more and more complicated to solve. Luckily, you will get an overview of the area at the start of each level. Can you remember the correct path and follow it toward your target? If so, now is your chance to put your memory to the test! 

What else you should know

Don't worry if you follow the wrong way! You can always go back and try another direction. Just tap behind you to lead the Guppies back to the start, then try every path until you locate the Bubble Puppy!

Luckily there's no time limit, so move at your own pace and try not to rush!

Let's get going and reach the end of the maze! Molly and Gil are counting on you to help find their lost companion. Can you complete the puzzle and bring back the puppy to its owners?