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About Lonely Rhino Friend Finders Game

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Hang out with your favorite Bubble Guppies and take part in a fun mission in the Lonely Rhino Friend Finders game! This time, Molly and Gil are at the zoo, watching their favorite animals in their natural habitats. However, Monty looks very lonely, and your friends want to help him! Will you lend them a hand and find the perfect buddy for the sad rhino?

Let's look around and see what you can find! Your job is to drive the zoo rover and look for the perfect companion for Monty. Visit the snowy tundra, the jungle, and the savannah, and take a look at the animals before making your choice. Just watch out for obstacles and do your best to keep Molly and Gil safe!

How to play the game

Before you begin your adventure, you have to understand the basics. To change lanes and move around objects in your way, press the Up and Down arrows. If you need to jump over any obstacles, simply tap on the Space bar and overcome them. It's this easy to drive around with the Guppies!

Molly and Gil are ready to drive all around the zoo! To find the perfect buddy for the lonely rhino, you must stop by three places: the snowy tundra, the jungle, and the savannah. Just think about where each animal lives, or they might not be a good match for Monty!

The road ahead is full of obstacles, so you have to be very careful! Keep your eyes on the screen and change lanes if you see any objects blocking the way. If you run into them, the zoo rover will bounce back and stop for a couple of seconds.

What else you should know

Watch out for any water puddles! If you run into them, you can easily slip and lose balance!

Don't forget to grab some snacks for the zoo animals along the way! These include fish, bananas, and tiny bugs. Just drive over to them and pick them up. The more items you collect, the higher your score will be! 

Well, are you ready to start exploring the zoo? If so, hop in the rover with Molly and Gil and check out all the animals! Search together, and you'll surely find the perfect friend for Monty!