Pet House Puzzles

Help Gil build new homes for his animal friends in the Pet House Puzzles game! Can you find the missing shapes and complete all the puzzles?

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About Pet House Puzzles Game

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Are you ready to work with Gil and make homes for your pet friends in the Pet House Puzzles game? Bubble Puppy, Bubble Kitty, and Buddy, the dolphin, need some new houses. Luckily, your friend is ready to help them, but he must solve the puzzles first. Now is your chance to join Gil and work on the new buildings together!

How fast can you identify the correct shapes? To finish each challenge, you must put your mind to the test and complete the blueprints with the missing parts. However, other items are mixed in too, so you have to be very careful! Can you place the figures in the correct spots and finish building the new houses?

How to Play

Let's start solving the puzzles! To move the pieces around, all you need is your mouse. Just click on a shape, then drag and drop it toward its' corresponding place. If you get it right, the item will remain there, and you will be able to move on to the next part!

To make new houses for the three pets, you must place down the shapes first. Make a cozy home for Bubble Puppy, a tower for Bubble Kitty, and a castle for Buddy.

Just remember that each project consists of three different puzzles of increasing difficulties! So try to stay focused and match the items to their corresponding places.

What's more, to complete the blueprints, you must have no blank spaces remaining! Place the shapes inside the contours and watch the new homes get built.

What else you should know

Don't get discouraged if you make mistakes at the beginning! Take your time to learn all the shapes and move the elements around until the puzzles are finished.

Have you managed to complete all three pet houses? If so, now you get to spend some time with your animal friends! You can play together, help them bathe, or even feed them some tasty snacks. Once you're done, you can restart the game and play again!

Gil is counting on you to help him build the three pet houses. Will you lend him a hand and identify the missing shapes each time?