Mummy Museum Mayhem

Join the Fresh Beat Band of Spies in the Mummy Museum Mayhem game to catch the thief of Pharaoh's Crown. Avoid all obstacles and retrieve the artifact!

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About Mummy Museum Mayhem Game

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The Fresh Beat Band of Spies is up for a new adventure in the Mummy Museum Mayhem game! After their show at the town's museum, the famous professor Arizona Jones unraveled the priceless Pharaoh's Crown. However, a few moments after, it got stolen by an unidentified lemur. Luckily the spies are on the case, and you need to help them return the artifact.

Each member's instrument transforms into a vehicle that will help you catch up to the criminal. However, the museum has many priceless items on display, and you should try to avoid them all! Are you ready to start the chase?

How to Play

Before you start running after the criminal, you should learn the controls. Here they are:

 - Up and Down arrow keys: Switch between lanes.

 - Left arrow key: Boost.

 - Spacebar: Jump.

The thief you're chasing is sneaky, but luckily he left several footprints for you to track down. However, first, you will need to use the lights of the vehicles to make them easier to spot. Also, each discovered track will add to your score, so try to find loads of them!

There will be two stages to this chase. For the first run, you will use Kiki's and Marina's vehicles to run around the museum, then Twist and Shout will take over, and you will get to check out their rides too! However, you should be cautious at all times! You can crash with any vehicle if you don't mind your surroundings.

Don't worry, though! You will have some helpful power-ups to make sure you catch the thief! For example, you can run on the boosters to speed up for a couple of seconds. Also, you can use the ramps to jump over many obstacles when available. If you look out for these, you will have nothing to slow you down!

Are you ready to begin your chase and help the Fresh Beat Band of Spies stop the thief? Let's see how good your driving skills are and if you can bring back the artifact.