Tale of the Mighty Knights

Head out on a new adventure with the Tale of the Mighty Knights game! Join the Backyardigans to enjoy a three-part quest to retrieve King Pablo's egg!

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About Tale of the Mighty Knights Game

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Play the Tale of the Mighty Knights game if you're in the mood for a breath-taking adventure with your pals from the Backyardigans series! There's nothing more exciting than using your imagination to dream up a fantastical fun-filled quest.

This time, you get to visit the land of kings, castles, and dragons. Besides, Tyrone, Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin will join you and add even more fun to this adventure!

The challenge consists of three stages. You'll have to climb up a tower, ride a steed, then go up a mountain. If you manage to complete all three tasks successfully, then you'll manage to get back the king's valuable dragon egg. With the help of two trusty knights, you can earn the esteem of the king and save the day!

How to Play

Even if you don't know how to ride a steed or you're not good at hiking, you can still be a hero! Playing the role of the king is Pablo, who will also tell you what to do every step of the way. Listen closely to his instructions, or click on the question mark in the upper right corner of the screen if you forget what you're supposed to do.

Let's start with climbing! Both the first and last parts of this journey involve a tricky climb. You can use the Left and Right arrow keys to move your hero. To move up higher, simply jump by using the Space Bar.

Make sure you avoid obstacles such as lava bursts and falling rocks! If you gather glowing shields, they'll protect you from some of these dangers.

Are you ready to try riding? This time you'll have to guide your swift steed by pressing the Up and Down arrow keys. Whenever you come across a puddle, hay ballot, or rock, press the Space Bar to leap over it.

As you might guess, you'll have to gather magic items too if you want to be successful! The silver chalices will add to your score, while golden fast-forward signs let you skip over an obstacle. How thrilling!

Prove that you're a talented knight ready to take on any fairytale quest!