Oswald Ice Cone

Give your favorite octopus a hand at the ice cream parlor in the Oswald Ice Cone game! Can you serve tasty chilly treats for Daisy, Henry, and Weenie?

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About Oswald Ice Cone Game

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Test your concentration and coordination with the Oswald Ice Cone game! The sweet purple octopus and his pals were looking forward to a fun day at the ice cream parlor. Unfortunately, the snow cone machine is broken! Instead of making ice cream globes one by one, it started throwing them in the air all at once.

Given that he is the one with eight hands, Oswald has taken on the task of sorting out his friend's orders. However, he needs some help!

This game challenges you to complete three ice cream orders by gathering ice cream globes of many different flavors. As you can imagine, Daisy, Henry, and Weenie have very different tastes when it comes to grabbing a chilly treat. Make sure you don't mix them up!

How to Play

The first step of this icy challenge is to decide what difficulty suits your skills best. You should try the Easy Mode first to get used to the game. Then, you can try the faster version to see how your agility measures up!

Now, find out what everybody wants! Pick one of Oswald's pals by clicking on their portrait on the right side of the screen. If you select it, you'll hear their order! What is more, a picture will show up in the lower right corner of the screen.

You can start serving ice cream now that you know what to do! Oswald has two scoops at his disposal, and you just need to click on any flying globes to scoop them into your pal's cone. Keep in mind that Weenie likes strawberry swirl, Daisy is fond of sunflower sundae, and Henry prefers salmon sorbet. Don't confuse their orders!

After fulfilling the correct order for each of Oswald's three pals, you completed the quest. Daisy, Weenie, and Henry are thankful for your help. What can be more fun than an afternoon at the ice cream parlor with your favorite characters from the Oswald series?