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Play Dora's Music Maker game and learn to compose lively tunes! Pick your favorite melodies, combine all kinds of instruments, and let the music flow!

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About Dora's Music Maker Game

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Improve your day with fun and lively songs in the Dora's Music Maker game! Music is one of Dora's biggest passions, and she has her family to thank for that! Now she borrowed some of the instruments owned and used by her relatives and wants to learn how to play lovely songs for her next adventures! Will you play some tunes with her?

Music brings people together, so your goal in this game is to experiment with all the instruments and make songs that will make everybody dance! Feel the rhythm of the bongos or the guitar's flow and the sweet tunes of the flute as they blend in a dancy melody! If you are a fan of good music, this is for you!

How to Play

A guitar might need a pick to make the sound better, but your mouse is the only tool you need to play this game! Click on the instruments one by one to test out their sound! You can click on them as many times as you want to change their rhythm and tune so they can match the rest!

Each instrument has four different melodies! Choose between them and try to form a song that can make Dora dance! You can start by playing the bongos and the congas to set the rhythm. Then use the guitar and the flute for beautiful harmonies! You can add a little spice by shaking the maracas or playing the guiro!

At first, the song might not even sound right, but you must continue working on it. Don't worry! There is no right sound! You can make any combinations and use the instruments as you see fit! You don't even have to use them all! Get creative and let the music inspire you!

Now that you have all the tools to become a great musician, will you help Dora compose a great song? Vamonos everybody! It's time to dance to lively tunes!