Specials of the Day

Oswald, Weenie, Henry, and Daisy are waiting for you to join them in the Specials of the Day game! Help the waitress and chef at the diner serve them lunch!

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Play the Specials of the Day game if you'd like to have lunch with Oswald and his pals! The octopus, his pet dog Weenie, Daisy, and Henry, love to eat together at their favorite diner. However, the waitress is very busy today! Would you like to give her a helping hand? You'll even get to take a look in the kitchen and play the role of a talented chef!

This challenge will test your attention to detail and ability to think on your feet. First, you'll help write down the order of the four pals. Next, you'll help prepare all the delicious dishes. If all goes well, the four friends will be enjoying a delightful meal in no time!

How to Play

Don't worry if you don't have a pen and paper on hand! You can use your mouse to write down the order and select the correct dish for each character. First, listen to what they want and pick that meal out of the menu.

Next, click and drag the food item under the portrait of each character. For instance, Henry likes to have trout ball spaghetti, while Daisy enjoys a sunflower salad. Surprisingly, Oswald and Weenie have decided to share a mystery lunch.

Are you ready to head to the kitchen? Luckily, you won't need any utensils! All you have to do is look closely at the recipe book on the counter. For each one of the dishes, the ingredients will appear in the order you need to add them.

Can you find the spaghetti? What about the salad or the fruit? If you study all the cupboards closely, you'll surely find all the missing ingredients. Just make sure you follow the book and Oswald's instructions!

Your final challenge is to help put together a mystery lunch for Oswald and Weenie. The book will tell you the first two ingredients, but you have to decide what will be the third. What goes with red jelly? It's up to you to create an innovative lunch that Oswald will enjoy.