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Learn how to play your favorite songs on a musical instrument in Oswald's Piano game! Press the piano tiles in the right order to watch Weenie dance!

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Develop your musical skills with Oswald's Piano game! The purple octopus protagonist has many talents, and playing the piano is just one of them. Nevertheless, even he needs help deciphering some of the most challenging parts of his favorite songs. Can you help him play the colorful notes in the right order?

This game challenges you to learn a short piano song by following the colorful music notes on the sheet. Press the tiles in the same sequence to complete the melody. If you succeed, Oswald will reward you with a fun song, and Weenie, his pet, will perform the hot dog dance. How cute!

How to Play

Don't worry if you have never taken piano lessons! Oswald, the octopus, is the best teacher you could have. Naturally, you'll start by playing an easier tune. Henry loves the Penguin Polka, and so does Weenie!

First, Oswald will show you the notes on the music sheet above the piano. Each musical note is color-coded to make everything easy and fun. Can you find the correct tile and click on it? Keep following the sheet until the song is over.

Some tunes are longer than others, and all it takes is just patience to master them! Therefore, after completing the first song, you have the chance to try more complicated pieces. They are both cheerful and well-known, so give them a try!

What else you should know

"Mary has a little lamb" and "Hop goes the weasel" are Weenie's favorite dancing songs. Even though they feature up to fifteen notes, these fun tunes will improve your musical ear and help you appreciate the piano.

In time, you'll play these three cheerful tunes so many times that you won't need the music sheet anymore. Therefore, you're just a few steps away from becoming a talented pianist.

Keep playing, and you might end up developing a new hobby! When you play with Oswald and Weenie, you can discover all sorts of secret talents!