Blaze: Ready, Set, Go

Give the Blaze: Ready, Set, Go game a try and put your memory to the test! Can you drive your monster truck and make sure Blaze arrives at the finish line?

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About Blaze: Ready, Set, Go Game

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Prepare to test your memory and problem-solving skills in the Blaze: Ready, Set, Go game! Your buddies from Blaze and the Monster Machines are ready to go on a new adventure, and you get to join in. Can you help them complete their tasks and continue their journey toward the finish line? If so, then step on the gas and get ready to start driving!

This mission consists of four different mini-games to showcase your intelligence and quick thinking. Can you win the trophy for Blaze and his friends? If so, get ready to drive your own monster truck and make sure there are no holes in the ground! You wouldn't want your buddies to get hurt, right?

How to Play

Don't worry if you don't know how to drive yet! Luckily the only tool you need for this challenge is your mouse. Just tap on the screen to set your speed and use your cursor to move the puzzle pieces. It's that easy to get your monster truck to the finish line!

Each of the four challenges is different and will put your memory to the test. Your main goal is to arrive at the finish line each time. To do this, you must adjust your speed and fix the road to make your journey easy. If there's even a piece missing on the road, you won't be able to make it to the end!

For the first mission, your task is to choose the right speed and get Blaze to arrive at the required zone of the finish line. If you're going too fast or too slow, you'll have to keep trying until you get it right!

After that, it's finally time to fix the road and solve the puzzle. Will you be able to place all the pieces in the correct spots and guide your friend toward the finish line?

There's more you should know!

The fourth challenge is the most thrilling because you must help Blaze get to the fire and put it out quickly! To do this, solve the math problems and choose the correct numbers on the map.

If your answer is correct, you'll move closer and closer to your target. Now is your chance to practice your math skills as you have fun with your buddies!

It's time to begin your adventure. Show off your intelligence and solve each challenge to help Blaze make it to the finish line! Do you have what it takes to win the trophy?