Wild Wheels Pattern

Give the Wild Wheels Pattern game a try and test your memory! Can you memorize the pattern and recreate the sequence to compose your own tune?

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About Wild Wheels Pattern Game

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The Monster Machines have turned into wild animals in the Wild Wheels Pattern game! Your friends Lion Blaze, Elephant Starla, Super Tiger Stripes, and Cheetah Crusher are all ready to put your mind to the test with a new challenge. Can you listen to each animal's roar and try to recreate the sounds in order? If so, now is your chance to create a fun new song with your buddies!

Head off into the wilderness and listen carefully! Each of the four animals represents a color on the wheel ahead of you. When you hear a sound, click the matching button to recreate it. After that, you must keep going long enough and compose a tune with the Monster Machines!

How to Play

Let's begin the challenge! Luckily the only tool you need here is your mouse. Watch the buttons light up on the screen, then tap on the correct color to uncover the animal behind it. If you're right, the musical sequence will keep going!

Now is your chance to improve your memory and focus, so pay close attention! Will you be able to memorize all the sounds and replicate them perfectly? The more complex the sequence becomes, the more difficult it will be to recall everything! As a result, you must keep your eyes on the screen and see the colors light up with each new sound.

Do your best not to make mistakes and see how long you can last! If you select the wrong color, the challenge will come to an end. Just try to remain focused, and your score will improve with every new sequence. 

If you can't keep up at first, don't worry! You can keep practicing with Blaze and the Monster Machines as long as you need. Simply recall the sounds as best you can, and your memory will get better with time. Doesn't it sound fun?

Now that you understand the basics, it's time to start the music! Join Blaze and his buddies and recreate all the noises you hear! In the end, you'll have a fun new tune to listen to.