Speed into Dino Valley

Explore the world of dinosaurs in the Speed into Dino Valley game! Help Blaze overcome the challenges and use his dino vehicle powers to save the day!

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About Speed into Dino Valley Game

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Go on a thrilling journey across a pre-historic world in the Speed into Dino Valley game! The Monster Machines were zooming through Dino Valley when they got into danger. Now, Blaze must use his dino vehicle powers to rescue Zeg. Can you help him overcome the challenges and keep his friend safe?

It's time to explore the Dino Valley! Your job is to help Blaze clear the way to his buddy and save the day. Turn into an Ankylosaurus, become a Tyrannosaurus Monster Machine, and finally, a Truckadactyl. Each form has a unique ability, so use your powers and escape danger to rescue Zeg!

How to Play

Let's begin the adventure! Press the Arrow keys on your keyboard to guide Blaze through the obstacles and change directions. When it's time to swing his tail, tap on the Space bar to throw the incoming rocks. That doesn't sound too difficult, right?

For your first mission, you must cross a river of lava. Can you throw the boulders over it to make a path? Keep in mind that they're coming toward you at high speed, so you must react quickly! Just avoid any cracked rocks and lava ones because you won't be able to add them to your bridge.

The second challenge is a thrilling race through the Dino Valley. Help Blaze transform into a Tyrannosaurus Monster Machine and chomp any rocks coming toward you! Just be sure to grab any dino tokens you come across to increase your score. Remember that there are many dangers here, so watch out for any geysers or lava rocks to stay safe!

Finally, you must get to Zeg's location and rescue him! However, you need some wings to fly over the mud pit. Turn into a Truckadactyl and use your powers to avoid the sticky mud bubbles rising from the ground! Just follow the trail of dino tokens, and you'll arrive at the destination in no time.

Join the Monster Machines and embark on a journey through the Dino Valley! Can you help Blaze rescue his friend and set him free?