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Enter the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! World

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is an American flash animated television series created by Bob Boyle and broadcasted by Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. The cartoon began as a story invented by Viviana, Boyle's niece. He loved the little girl's idea so much that he perfected and renamed the characters and went on to create an award-winning children's tv show. Obviously, didn't take too much time until lots of related funny Wow Wow Wubbzy Games started to make their appearance as well!

Since its premiere, in 2006, this cheerful and colorful TV show has fascinated young children all over the world. The simple stories and characters are very easy to understand, but the pleasant atmosphere and energetic songs make the show entertaining and exciting for all ages. What is more, this cartoon is genuinely educational, as every episode teaches children life lessons and values in a subtle, fun manner.

Wubbzy, the main character, is an adorable yellow gerbil with a long bendy tail that he loves to hop on. He is very out-going, curious and carefree. He even lives in a tree! Naturally, his favorite things to do include chasing butterflies, eating ice cream and playing kickball.

As the title of the show implies, his favorite catchphrase is "Wow!", which he often uses as a greeting or to mark his excitement. Sometimes he even says it three times in a row, for a more dramatic effect! His energetic personality sometimes gets him into trouble, but that's not a problem!

Luckily, his good friends are always there to help. However, sometimes he is the only one who can save the day. Our yellow friend's courage makes the difference between success and failure most of the time! Help him complete an exciting mission while playing Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure game and many others from the Wow Wow Wubbzy Games section.

Wubbzy's Good Friends

Widget is the ultimate handy-woman and one of Wubbzy's best friends. Don't let the Southern accent fool you! This light pink bunny might seem like a sweet, innocent creature, but she is far more resourceful than you expect. For instance, her biggest passion is inventing all sorts of contraptions, and her favorite tool is a wiggle-wrench. She even lives in a fix-it-up show that she owns!

What makes her a great friend is a hands-on attitude and willingness to help. Is there a problem? Widget surely has already designed a special robot precisely for that purpose! However, this doesn't mean that everything goes all the time smoothly! Frequently some catastrophic malfunction happens, and everything goes wrong. As a result, the friends have to work together in order to remedy the situation. No matter what, you can surely count on this mechanical wiz whose favorite accessory is a toolbox. Get a chance to peek inside her workshop in the Wubbzy Robots game.

Walden completes the friend group perfectly. He is a smartly dressed purple bear with a great taste for knowledge. To clarify, he wants to know EVERYTHING! From ancient philosophy to tarot card readings, he is passionately curious about everything around them. What is more, he can even communicate with animals! His motto is "think, think, think".

As a result, he is often helpful when his more outgoing friends get in trouble. The quirky Walden is always carrying a book, and he is the first to pull out the instruction manual when all else fails. Even though he is a great friend, sometimes his fears hold him back. However, Wubbzy and Widget always manage to encourage him!

Join the Adventures!

The happy trio, Wubbzy, Widget, and Walden, live together in the whimsical town on Wuzzleburg. The city has a beautiful and colorful atmosphere, friendly inhabitants and even a marshmallow forest! The three friends love having fun adventures together, like going for a train ride, a wonderful picnic or a four-legged race. What is more, they absolutely love dancing together! Widget's favorite style is ballet, while Wubbzy invented his very own dance, the Wubbzy Wiggle.

Every once in a while, a real problem arises for this fantastical trio of friends. It can always happen, whether one of Widget's inventions goes wrong, Wubbzy's outgoing personality takes him to far, or Walden gets spooked for no reason. Somehow all the members of the group have a contribution to finding a solution. For instance, you can play the Wubbzy's Underwater Adventure game to see all three friends working together to free an ancient kingdom!

By watching the three friends get out of seemingly impossible situations, you can learn a lot of valuable life lessons. Even if they might seem simple and innocent, the three friends have essential qualities. They know a lot about being honest, admitting to being wrong, or being resourceful no matter the situation. You even get to learn and have fun with them by trying the Wow Wow Wubbzy Games. Surely, you are in for a great time!

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