The Great Microphone Hunt

Help Wubbzy and Daisy save the show in The Great Microphone Hunt Game. Search through every room and find all of the three missing microphones!

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It is such a wonderful night for going to a concert. And I have heard that The Wubb Girls are going to play tonight in The Great Microphone Hunt Game. But something is wrong. And now Wubbzy alongside Daisy need to fix the things and help the Wubb Girls sing their songs. They really need you. Find out what the issue is and assist them in their quest right now.

Oh no! Everything seemed perfect at the club tonight. But the three Wubb Girls have lost their microphones, and they are not able to perform without them. But Wubbzy and Daisy can help them find all three of the missing microphones. But they can’t do this without you. So came and let’s search every room.

Firstly, choose the character that you want to go through all of the rooms and give you directions. You get to choose between Wubbzy or Daisy. Select the one you think will help you the most! Now that you have your character, you are good to go. The next step in your quest will be to pick a room. There will be three rooms to look for the missing microphone in. It does not matter the order that you choose to go through those rooms. But you will have to visit all three of them. 

Search for the lucky bubbles in each room

The first one will be the ballroom. Here, you will have to help Daisy or Wubbzy jump around and catch the bubbles. In one of the bubbles, you will find the first microphone.

The next one is the picture gallery. The microphone will be found behind one of the paintings here. You will just need to discover the right one. Listen to your selected character talk about the paintings. Daisy or Wubbzy will describe the exact picture that covers the microphone. Just pay attention to what they are saying.

Last, but not least, the dance hall. Here, you will have to go through the entire dancing room without bumping into the people that are dancing. If you hit them, you might interrupt them from dancing. Also do not forget that if your selected character goes into the disco light, they will have to join the dance for a few moments. But it is ok. While searching for the microphone here, it is good to have some fun through dancing. 

The Wubb Girls can’t perform without you. So come and save the show. You are the only one that can do this.