Wubbzy's Underwater Adventure

Play the Wubbzy's Underwater Adventure game and free an ancient kingdom from the rule of evil! Only you can help Wubbzy maneuver his submarine!

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About Wubbzy's Underwater Adventure Game

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Try your hand at using a submarine in the Wubbzy's Underwater Adventure game!
How did our curious friend end up on a mission in the middle of the ocean? Walden has a book about an ancient people who live underwater under the rule of a mighty king, called Trident. However, everything went wrong when a huge evil fish turned the whole underwater city into stone, including its inhabitants! Luckily, the clever Widget has designed the Supersubmarine 3000, which can take you anywhere.

Wubbzy needs your help to overcome all the obstacles and free the city! Fortunately, he is not alone. His friends, Widget and Walden, are continuously in contact via walkie-talkie. They will always give you helpful hints!

In order to reach the end of the game, you need to complete three different levels. They get more challenging as you go along, so be careful! All you need to do to control the submarine is use the up, down, left and right arrows on your keyboard. Use the space or the control key to launch bubbles at enemies.

How to Play

Each enemy you capture inside a bubble brings you points, but pay attention! If you don't manage to catch him on time, he will take away some of your hard-earned points. Collect as many shells as you can and make sure you keep your high score by the end of the game!

The first two levels are very important. They help you get the hang of the different obstacles in the game and how to overcome them quickly, without losing any points. You will encounter various enemies, such as jellyfish, sea urchins, and even crabs or predatory fish!

Be careful! Crabs can throw rocks at you, and bigger fish can take away a lot of points if you don't stop them on time. Don't worry if you lose too many points! Open the treasure chests and explore the labyrinth to find more seashells and make up for those you have lost. You can access hidden parts of the level by breaking stone walls or defeating enemies.

The final level introduces you to the magical world of an underwater kingdom. You can even see the petrified citizens on the streets! Among the ruins, you will find treasures, but also dangerous enemies. The hostile creatures you will encounter are more menacing than the ones in the first two levels.

There are even some that you can't trap in bubbles. Whenever you come across a fish skeleton, avoid it at all costs! Hitting it will cause you to lose points, and shooting bubbles at it will be useless.

Endgame Strategy!

The grand finale of the game consists of confronting the villain! An evil mechanical fish, with sharp crab claws and a terrifying red eye, has trapped king Trident and all his subjects. You only have one chance to defeat it! You need to put your courage to the test and shoot bubbles at all of his claws.

Be very careful! There are eight claws that you have to trap, and then collect them in your submarine. As soon as you manage to complete your mission, the truth will come out: the big, evil monster is just a scared little fish!

Do you think you have what it takes to defeat a menacing villain and free an ancient kingdom? Find out in this thrilling action game, which will take you on a magical underwater journey. Immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of the underwater world and challenge your timing, precision, and agility.