Wubbzy's Silly Speeder

Test the new car prototype in Wubbzy's Silly Speeder Game. Use your mouse to speed up or slow down and race the silly dinosaur that runs by your side.

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What a productive day. Wubbzy's friend, Widget just designed a brand new prototype in the Wubbzy's Silly Speeder Game. The fantastic car is called Turbo Car 3000, and it should help you defeat the silly dinosaur. But it needs to be tested. And here is where you come to help. Join Wubbzy and see if the car works. 

It is a beautiful day for science in Wubbzy's world. And his friend, Widget had the most fantastic idea of them all: THE Turbo Car 3000. It goes extremely fast, and no obstacle cand stop it from racing the silly dinosaur. Does it sound dangerous? Well, we assure you it is actually really safe for Wubbzy to test it. But it will be safe only if you help him. So come to the board and let's drive! Your only job is to control the direction in which the car goes by using the mouse.

Enjoy the ride!

If you drag the mouse towards the right side, Wubbzy's car will go faster. Move it to the left to go slower. Remember that Wubbzy loves to play ball. So just make sure to collect all of the balls that you might find in your way. 

Be careful at the obstacles that you might stumble upon your path towards the finish line. Do not bump into them, because they will determine your car to run slower and the dinosaur will defeat you. Use the mouse to move up or down and go around the obstacles. Run over the arrows for a speed boost forward. Some indicators might also be in other directions, and those will only slow you down. So try to avoid them as well. 

Go for it! You have got what it takes to test this promising prototype and defeat the silly dinosaur. Join us, help Wubbzy and do not also forget to have some fun.