Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure

Join your favorite character for an incredible journey in Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure game! Can you stop the evil mechanical chicken and save your friends?

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About Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure Game

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Play Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure game and help your friend complete an epic quest! Are you ready for a thrilling journey? Help the curious Wubbzy save his friends from a menacing villain: the mechanical chicken.

Widget, the most inventive bunny you have ever met, has made a big mistake! She has lost control of the robot, and now eggs are flying everywhere! Wubbzy is the only one brave enough to face the monster, but he has a long journey ahead of him. Can you help him?

Tip: Play the game using NuMuKi Browser to experience the original game sounds.

The game consists of three different levels of increasing difficulty. You need to get through all of them to reach the big robotic chicken and have the chance to battle it. You need to get past different obstacles and enemies to get to the end of each stage.

How to Play

To control Wubbzy, you need to press the Left and Right arrow keys for moving and the Spacebar to jump. Along the way, you need to collect as many nuts as you can! Be careful! You might encounter unexpected surprises during your journey. Sometimes you might meet your friends, such as Earl or Walden, but you might also have unpleasant encounters!

Every enemy that hits you costs you one or more of your hard-earned points! Make sure you collect the special cap when you see it! It will protect you from losing points, but only for a short time. Also, pay attention to the walkie-talkies on the way! They give important clues to help you in the next stage of the mission. 

The first level requires you to make your way to Widget's workshop. Jump through the bushes, pay attention to the disappearing platforms, and look out for the swings! The setting might be cheerful, but make sure you don't let this fool you. The flying eggs can hit you, and you can lose a lot of points!

Once you reach Widget's house, you are in for quite a thrill! The background changes radically, and so do your challenges. Instead of climbing trees and going down slides, you have to find your way through a real mechanical labyrinth.

Stay away from dangers!

Escalade the pipes, keep up with the conveyor belts, and make use of the vents to reach the end of the level as fast as you can! Look out for the mechanical chicken! You need to avoid them at all costs to keep your points and move quickly through the level.

The last level takes place at Walden's house. The decor is typical for the smart bear we all know and love: books and strange documents everywhere! You can even see the blackboard where he devises his newest theories. But beyond the statues and columns, a new danger lies ahead. 

The mechanical chicks are more dangerous than ever: they are bigger, and some can also fly! At the end of the level, you will encounter the biggest robotic chicken you have ever seen! Make sure to put on the special aluminum cap to protect yourself and then defeat the villain. 

So are you ready for a great adventure featuring your favorite characters from the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Show? Put your precision and skill to the test with this thrilling labyrinth game!