Max & Ruby Games

Learn about family and friendship with the Max and Ruby games! The cute bunnies would love you to join them as they play and discover the world!

Welcome to Eastbunny Hop!

Give Max and Ruby Games a try if you need a little cheering up! Based on the relationship between two bunny siblings, the Max and Ruby show has charmed audiences all over the world since 2002!

However, kids and adults from many countries knew them before Nick Jr. started airing the show, thanks to Rosemary Wells and her famous series of children's books. The author and illustrator uses her talent to bring to life wholesome stories with adorable heroes. Max and Ruby are some of her best creations. Just spend a few minutes in their company, and you'll understand why!

Step inside Eastbunny Hop, a cute and colorful town populated by bunnies! Once you enter this colorful world, you'll forget all your worries. In this childish universe filled with fluffy rabbits, you'll learn, play, sing, and become part of a special little family.

More precisely, you'll be able to meet the two siblings in the Bunny family, Max and Ruby Bunny. Follow them at school, at family gatherings, and on the playground with their pals!

Its lovely animation and adorable sound effects are what sets the Max and Ruby show apart. Each time you decide to go on an adventure with them, they'll make you smile widely. Nobody can be sad or bored with them! 

Therefore, small kids have a chance to learn about the world around them and pick up helpful skills while having fun! Max and Ruby will guide them every step of the way. What is more, the other bunnies you'll meet are also cute, friendly, and about their age. Truly, the whole family can play and have fun in Eastbunny Hop!

Meet the world's cutest bunnies!

Let's start with our youngest hero! Max is an energetic three-year-old. Like most kids his age, he loves playing, making mud pies, eating cupcakes, and hanging out with his older sister, Ruby.

However, sometimes he has trouble staying still or cleaning up after himself. Any toddler can certainly relate to the fluffy white hero! It's no wonder they'll love to spend time with Max!

Find out more about what he likes and his favorite games by exploring this category. For instance, try Max's Robot Maker game to design an awesome and functional robot with Max!

Ruby Bunny stands out as a curious and determined seven-year-old. Of course, she is also Max's older sister! Unlike her brother, Ruby is much more tidy and responsible. However, she can sometimes become too bossy and overprotective about her little brother!

Nevertheless, she almost always manages to make peace with her little brother. If you'd like to get to know her better, you can join her for one of her favorite activities in Ruby's Doll Dress Up game!

Besides the two siblings, you'll have the opportunity to meet some of their friends and extended family too. Don't worry! All of them are just as cute and friendly.

For instance, Louise Darling is a brown seven-year-old bunny and Ruby's best friend. Her younger cousin, called Morris, is Max's best friend. Can you believe the coincidence?

Play and learn with the Max and Ruby Games!

This series is such a hit because it explores the relationship between siblings. Many young players can relate, as they often play and learn with their siblings or cousins.

Most days, Max and Ruby get along well and have a ton of fun playing! What is more, they often help each other with small jobs around the house. Join them as they tidy up their toys in the form of a fun challenge in the Toy Bowling game!

On the other hand, anyone with brothers or sisters knows about sibling rivalry. Sometimes, all you want to do is prove who is the fastest, the smartest, or the strongest! If you treat each other with kindness and respect, sibling competitions can be thrilling!

Even if you don't have a large family, you can still play a part in this fun experience with challenges like the Roller Ruby game!

After a few minutes of playing the Max and Ruby Games, you'll surely get a warm and fuzzy feeling! In some ways, hanging out with them feels like spending time with a warm and welcoming family.

Besides having fun playing, you'll also improve basic skills and learn about day-to-day life charming and exciting atmosphere. Just hop inside the cutesy world of Max and Ruby, and you won't regret it!

There are currently 12 free online Max & Ruby games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.