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Don't miss out on the opportunity to play a fun game with Max and Ruby in the Toy Bowling game! Every kid knows that cleaning up your toys can be boring or even annoying. Max doesn't like this activity either! However, his older sister, Ruby, has managed to turn this activity into a fun game. Join in, and you'll have a blast while helping the pair clean up Max's many toy cars!

What sets this game apart is that you can try the challenge in three different difficulty levels. Can you hit five, ten, or fifteen cars with Max's colorful ball? There's only one way to find out!

How to play the game

Cleaning up and playing is so fun and easy! All you have to do is throw Max's colorful ball at the right moment. His toy cars are always on the move in the living room. Your mission is to release the ball at the right moment. Therefore, you should move your cursor from left to right to position Max. Now, all that's left to do is click to release the ball!

Max has many toy cars, trucks, and other vehicles. You can watch them run at different speeds all around the living room. Have you noticed that they form three lanes? The constant movement might make you dizzy. However, if you manage to concentrate on only one of the lanes, you'll surely succeed.

Every time Max's ball hits one of the cars, you'll receive a well-deserved point. Just check out the star in the upper left corner of the screen to see your score so far!

The greatest thing about this game is that you can try as many times you want since there's an unlimited number of balls at your disposal! Therefore, you can try different moves and see what works for you. This way, you'll surely enjoy this game a lot and play it whenever you get bored!

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