Roller Ruby

Practice your speed and coordination on skates in the Roller Ruby game! Whether she races against Max or against the clock, help her prove she's the best!

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Give Ruby a hand to become a champion skater in the Roller Ruby game! You have to love their little competitions as siblings if you know the adorable white bunny and her brother. Max loves to ride his toy car, while Ruby aspires to be a pro roller skater. However, she can't do it without you! Help her prove her agility and speed in this thrilling racing challenge!

What makes this game so fun is that you can enjoy two different racing modes. Do you prefer to race against Max or try an obstacle course against the clock? Both options imply multiple rounds, giving you multiple chances to prove your worth. Take on this challenge, and you won't regret it!

How to Play

You can become a master roller skater even if you don't know how to skate in real life! Thankfully, Ruby will skate forward automatically. Press the Up and Down arrows to direct her movements, avoiding obstacles and finding bonuses. It sounds easy, but you'll soon discover that it can be a rather challenging race!

No matter what game mode you choose, each round of Ruby's race will feature a different background in or around the bunny's house. As you can imagine, the racing track will be filled with all sorts of objects, like toys, decorations, and much more. If you bump against any of them, you'll get slowed down. Yikes!

The most awesome part about racing is doing tricks and going fast! Whenever you come across a ramp, a loop, or a trampoline, simply run into it. Press the Space Bar when you're in the air to get extra points and a great speed boost! What is more, you can pick up golden stars along the way to get a leg up in the race. Awesome!

At the end of each round, you'll find out how well you did. Your final score is based on your time, the number of bonuses, the tricks, and if you beat Max. The more you play, the higher your score will become.

Therefore, keep pressing the Play Again button and help Ruby achieve her dream of becoming a roller-skating champion. It'll be a lot of fun to hang out with Ruby and Max while racing!