Dora's Carnival Adventure

Visit a thrilling fair with your favorite heroine in Dora’s Carnival Adventure game! Try all ten mini-games to earn tickets and exchange them for prizes!

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About Dora's Carnival Adventure Game

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Have a ton of fun with Dora's Carnival Adventure game! Join the famous heroine for a fun day at a fair filled with fun games. As is the case with any carnival, you can earn tickets at every booth. Collect as many as you can, then exchange them for fun prizes!

This festive adventure lets you try ten activities, joined by Dora, Boots, Benny, and other pals. Navigate the carnival map, then hover over each of the stalls! Dora will tell you the name of the game. If you manage to win, you'll get plenty of tickets. Spend them in the store to earn coloring pages and treasures for your chest!

How to Play

All the activities are easy and fun to play! Use your mouse and the arrow keys to control the characters in each game. What is more, Dora will give you hints and repeat the instructions for each activity in case you get stuck. Listen to her, and you'll get by!

Start by trying Roberto's Bubble game! If you are a fan of Pac-Man, then you'll love this challenge. Using the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys to guide him through the maze. The goal is to pick up all the gold points. 

However, you can't let the blue bubbles catch you! Suppose the protagonist eats one of the battery power-ups. In that case, your chicken can destroy its foes for a limited amount of time.

Next, get ready for a Balloon Race! Here, you and two other heroes from Dora's adventures will try to see who can reach the highest. That sounds like a thrilling hot balloon race! Just keep clicking on the balloon you've picked to help it rise up!

To find out if you have an eager eye, you can continue with the Basket game! The wise owl will hide a ticket underneath one of the three baskets on the table. Next, she will mix them up! Your job is to keep your eyes on the correct basket as they shuffle! Once they stop, click on the one that contains your ticket and find out if you were right.

Win more tickets!

You can also test out your precision with Boot's Crane game! You get to pick up boots from a machine by using a mechanical claw. Slide your cursor, then click once you arrive just above the target. Click again to find out if your boot contains a golden ticket! Can you pick up all of them before the time runs out?

Next, it's time to exercise your aim at the Thirsty Dolphin! Your job is to shoot a hose at all the dolphins among the waves. Make sure you aim straight towards their mouth. Once the bar fills up, you'll get a much-deserved ticket!

Get ready for a fun confrontation at Tico's Bumper Cars! After picking out a pink, yellow, or green vehicle, you can slide your cursor on the screen to drive it. Make sure the other cars don't bump you! However, once you see a ticket appear above one of your opponents, you need to attack them to win it!

If you want to try your luck, give the Color Wheel a try! You have to choose one of the six colors on the wheel: red, orange, green, blue, pink, or purple. Now, click on the wheel to spin it! If it lands on your color, you get a ticket. If not, you can try four more times in one round.

Don't miss out on these mini-games!

Dexterity is very important in carnival games. See if you have what it takes with Swiper's Air Hockey! You will play team red, and he will be orange. You just need to click on your striker, then drag to hit the green puck towards your foe's side of the table.

You win a point if you manage to put the puck in the hole on Swiper's side. Each point gets you a ticket, so hurry up! Just keep in mind that you can only touch your half of the court!

You'll have a blast at Benny's Bowling studio! Can you take down all ten sets of pins? Just use your mouse to set a trajectory for the ball, then click to release it. We suggest you aim towards the middle! However, if you can't make it on the first try, you still have a second chance to strike each set of bowling pins!

And last but not least, there is the Slippery Slide Race! Here you need to choose one of the four sleds, then try to beat the other three in a race to the pool below. Just click on your player, then trace their trajectory with your cursor! Make sure you don't touch the sides of your lane, or you'll get off track! Only the fastest will win tickets. 

Don't forget to visit the store to spend all your hard-earned tickets! Your treasure chest will fill up with coloring pages, toys, and posters. You can even print some of them out and make some real-life art. Thanks to these fun activities, Dora will help you learn Spanish, explore the world, and have fun!

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