LazyTown: Sports Candy Sprint

Try the Sports Candy Sprint game to help Sportacus and Stephanie retrieve the stolen treats. Go around Lazy Town to stop Robbie and keep the people active!

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About LazyTown: Sports Candy Sprint Game

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Robbie Rotten has stolen all the healthy snacks in the Sports Candy Sprint game, and the whole town is in danger of becoming lazy! Luckily, Sportacus and Stephanie are on the case and are trying to get back all the sports candies. However, the rotten trickster will not make their job easier. Can you help them find the treats and keep Lazy Town active?

Your job is to go and look around the town and collect all the fruits you find on your way. Be careful, though! Robbie Rotten prepared some traps for Sportacus and Stephanie, so you should watch your every step. Let's get started and see if you're active enough to keep up with these heroes full of energy!

How to Play

The first step is to choose your character between Sportacus and Stephanie! Then, it's time to learn the controls. Your challenge works as a board game. On top of that, you only need your mouse to play! Use your Left Click to spin the wheel, so you can see how many moves to make, and then click on the squares to move forward. You can also use it for any other challenges you might face!

There will be many locations you have to go to and look for the sports candy:

 - Town Square;

 - The Park;

 - The Circus;

 - Rockin' Robbie;

The last two places are secret, so it only depends on you if you discover them. Also, after you grab some treats, you get to play some fun mini-challenges like Basketball or Skee Ball and listen to some of the most popular songs around Lazy Town!

Lastly, not every square you will hop on is safe! If you are unlucky, you can land on one trapped by Robbie Rotten, and he will quickly appear and get you back a few steps. However, you might get a run without even seeing him if you have luck on your side!

Are you ready to go around Lazy Town to retrieve the stolen sports candy? Let's meet up with Sportacus and Stephanie and get the fun started!