LazyTown's Superhero Challenge

Join Sportacus and Stephanie in LazyTown's Superhero Challenge game for an energetic board game. Explore the town to clear all the fun exercises and tasks!

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About LazyTown's Superhero Challenge Game

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Have you ever wanted to wander around LazyTown and complete many sports tasks? Well, in LazyTown's Superhero Challenge game, you'll get the chance to have a tour alongside Sportacus and Stephanie. However, they must stay active, and you will partake in all the exercises they'll throw at you. Will you keep up with them and complete every challenge?

LazyTown's tour works like a board game! Also, you will have to pick one card with a challenge to clear with every move you make. However, not all of them are fun, and some may slow down your journey. Let's meet up with Sportacus and Stephanie and get the fun started!

How to Play

Running around it's a piece of cake! After you choose your partner, you only need to use your Left Click to hit the spinner and see how many moves you can make. Once you get your answer, your character will move by themself. You can also use the same controls to pick up a card and complete the various challenges you might meet!

There are three types of squares you can land on, and for each one, you will get a different card:

 - Green Square: Get ready to complete Puzzles, play Hide and Seek or Match Pairs.

 - Orange Square: Exercise with your partner by doing challenges like Jumping Jacks, Jump Splits, Running in place, and many more!

 - Yellow Square: You will draw a Wild Card that can make you advance a few spaces, stay where you are, or go back. It all depends on your luck!

These challenges will be the perfect way to see if you can keep up with Sportacus and Stephanie while exercising!

You should also pay attention to your energy meter. It will fill up with every move you make, and your partner might get tired once it's filled. However, it should be enough to make an entire run across Lazy Town if you don't stumble into many setbacks!

Are you ready to go around LazyTown and complete loads of energizing challenges? Let's get started and see if you can clear all the exercises and games!